Y3 Chocolate Day

Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful day learning all about chocolate! We started the day in groups trying to think of as many different chocolate bars as we could, the winning group thought of 36 and were awarded two chocolate buttons as their prize.

We then used Smarties for our maths lesson and investigated the different colours of Smarties found in a packet. Not a single packet had the same number of each colour and some did not have any of one of the colours in it at all! Using the data we had collected, we created block graphs to show the different coloured sweets in our packet.  Of course we then ate the Smarties!

After that, we used our sense of sight, smell, feel and taste to describe white, milk and dark chocolate, not many of the class liked dark chocolate. Once we had listed the vocabulary, we used a thesaurus to find more ambitious words.  Using the collected vocabulary we created shape poems in the shape of a cocoa bean.

The afternoon was spent working with a chocolatier to make our own chocolate bars or chocolate lollipop, which we decorated with sweets.  Once our chocolate had set, we took it out of the mold and packaged it with a label.  We also learnt about where chocolate comes from, what it is made out of and some of the history of chocolate.  We will be learning about these aspects in more detail during this term. 

Throughout the day we were rewarded with chocolate buttons for good effort, behaviour and ideas, at the end of the day we discussed how the Mayan people used cocoa beans as money and counted our chocolate buttons to see who would be the 'richest' Mayan.

A wonderful day where the children in Year 3 showed high levels of enthusiasm, superb behaviour and were a delight to work with.  Well done Year 3 you have earned a jelly bean!!