Homework at Thorogate School

Homework remains a subject on contention across society in general and educational circles.   For every advocate of daily 'hours' of homework there is a advocate of 'school work is for at school'.  Publicity seeking headlines in the press have been very unhelpful on this matter.

The aim of homework at Thorogate School is:

  • To be a window through which parents can see the school and how their child is achieving academically.
  • To provide opportunities for children and parents to work together.
  • To consolidate, reinforce and extend skills and understanding covered in class.
  • To encourage the process towards becoming more independent learners.
  • To encourage the children to take pride in their work.

The format and amount of homework will vary by group and potentially by child.  It may include: reading, spellings, learning times tables, completing comprehension or maths tasks, research or project work.

Our homework policy can be downloaded below.

Please note we do not provide homework when a child has an unauthorised absent from school as an attempt to compensate for the absence.  

Homework Policy