Headteacher's Award Friday 13th October 2017

13 October 2017

This week's fabulous children who have been nominated for a Headteacher's Award are:

FS2 Ella  for fantastic number recognition, Carter for excellent handwriting

Y1 Evie for never giving up, Dylan  for trying hard with his work this week

Y2 Daniel for much better effort with his handwriting, Kai for much better effort this week

Y3 Jessie for coming into school each day with such a huge smile, Layla for superb problem solving in maths

Y4 Olivia for always working hard, Ruby for giving 100% effort

Y5 Keisha for always having a positive attitude to learning, Ryan for trying hard to improve his handwriting

Y6 Declan for responding well to feedback to improve his learning, Ben for trying much harder to present his work to standard

Please scroll through the photographs below of children who have shared Good Work this week.

Well done to Y1 and Y2 who are joint winners for returning completed Reading Records this week.  Year 4 and Year 5 really must dig deep and get reading.

  22/09/17 25/09/17 2/10/17 09/10/17
Y1 96% 90% 90% 96%
Y2 66% 76% 100% 96%
Y3 93% 96% 100% 93%
Y4 70% 70% 60% 63%
Y5 73% 72% 39% 66%
Y6 93% 96% 87% 86%


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