RM Easimaths

RM Easimaths is an online maths programme to support your child with their maths learning.  It provides users with graduated questions on the main maths skills taught in primary schools.  As the user gets better at it, the harder the questions become.  If the user is struggling a little in an area, the questions are adjusted to ensure they have success.

We recommend two / three 20 minutes sessions on RM Easimaths per week to support your child's learning.   

If your child is in Y3, Y4, Y5 or Y6, they already have login details.  If your child is unsure - look in their homework book or speak to their class teacher.

It is also available for pupils in Y1 and Y2 if parents want it - parents will need to provide more support.  If you are interested in using RM Easimaths with your child, email jlockwood@thorogateschool.co.uk and we will send the login details to you.

RM Easimaths can be used on PCs as well as Android or Apple tablets.  Go to https://www.rmeasimaths.com to login or download the appropriate tablet App.

RM Easimaths