Spelling in Years 5 & 6

The spelling in Years 5 & 6 buildings on the Phonic Phases taught in FS2 - Y2 and the spelling patterns taught in Years 3 and 4.

They include the following spelling patterns:

  • Endings which sound like /ʃəs/ spelt –cious or –tious
  • Endings which sound like /ʃəl/ spelt -cial or tial
  • Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence / -ency
  • Words ending in –able and –ible
  • Words ending in –ably and –ibly
  • Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in –fer
  • Use of the hyphen
  • Words with the /i:/ sound spelt ei after c
  • Words containing the letter-string ough
  • Words with ‘silent’ letters (i.e. letters whose presence cannot be predicted from the pronunciation of the word)
  • Homophones and other words that are often confused

​The complete spelling pattern guidance for Years 5 & 6 can be downloaded below, as can a seperate word list with examples from these patterns.

Please see the Years 3 and 4 section as well as the Phonics section for further information.

Years 5 and 6 spelling and word list

Years 5 and 6 spelling list